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Fish vs Algae – who will win in the battle of the Omega 3s?

We’ve all heard the benefits of fish oil. It’s rich in omegas 3 fatty acids, which play a key role in brain function, healthy growth and development, mood, vision, inflammatory response, immunity, heart function and joint health. For people and pets.

Like humans, dogs and cats can’t produce omega 3 themselves. They need their diet to supply the goods. But, unlike humans, pets don’t have the same access to seafood as we do. So it’s critical we find ways to include omega 3 in our pets’ diets.

Algal oil vs fish oil

The original source of omega 3 in fish comes from microalgae. Fish eat the algae, then we eat the fish. So why eat the messenger when we can go direct to the source?

Fish oil has other downsides, namely its impact on the marine ecosystem. The harvesting of tiny fish for omega-3 supplements has a negative ripple effect on our oceans. One-third of ocean

fisheries are currently overfished, and two-thirds are fished to their maximum yield.

It’s simply not sustainable. Particularly when there’s a better alternative.

Is your pet lacking in Omega 3s?

If you’ve ever noticed your dog or cat’s coat feeling dry and dull, they could be lacking in omega 3. The fatty acids in Glow help give your pet a soft, silky, shiny coat. They also promote itch-free, flake-free, glowing skin. It’s like a skincare routine, just for your pet.

But beyond the aesthics, ​​omega 3s can reduce inflammation, protect joints, keep their hearts healthy, boost immunity, support eye development and help their brains stay sharp for sneaking more treats.

For cats, kittens, dogs and puppies

It’s never to early or late to add a a natural source of omega to your pet’s diet. The best part of Glow is that it’s suitable for cats and dogs of all ages. One product for both of your furry children. We don’t play favourites here.

By Asha Dillon

Leadr Founder

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