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Reduce Anxiety the Natural Way.

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Certified Delicious Pet & Vet Approved Science-Backed Ingredients Certified Delicious Pet & Vet Approved Science-Backed Ingredients Certified Delicious Pet & Vet Approved Science-Backed Ingredients


For Stress + Anxiety

Reduces stress-related behaviour, such as barking, howling, and marking

Calms your dog’s nervous system

Soothes anxiety caused by separation and stressful events.


Shown to reduce stress-related behaviours like barking, marking and aggression.


Organic, standardised extract to settle dogs with excitability, fear and anxiety.

Magnolia Bark

Magnolia bark is a medicinal herb used for centuries to support stress + anxiety - clinically proven for canines.

A starter pack comes with a tennis ball and a treat tin to keep your supplement treat fresher for longer!

Why Leadr?

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Functional Treats, No Friction

High-performing, clinically-backed 
ingredients, in a delicious format.

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Science-backed Supplements

Reduce vet visits by using clinically-trialled, preventative supplements.

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Refillable Packaging

Starter pack comes with a refillable treat tin and monthly refill pouches.

At leadr, we are
doing things differently...

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Other Soft Chews

Easy to give
Refillable packaging
Clinically trialled ingredients
Hypoallergenic protein

We believe in prevention before intervention.

See What Our Four-Legged Fans Have to Say About Our Supplements!

Mariah 👩🏻 & Jeremy 🐶
We recently started Leadr Pets Fetch supplement, he absolutely loves them. He is an active and large dog as he’s a golden retriever. He needs the joint support. With Leadr Pet Fetch, Jeremy can keep on zooming!
Megan 👩🏼‍🦱️ & Oakley 🐶
I have definitely noticed a huge difference with Oakley’s energy. Oakley is super fussy when it comes to food / supplements and it’s fair to say he LOVES his Fetch treats
Claire 👩🏼️ & Billie 🐶
We love how Leadr Pet treat supplements are transparent with their ingredients so you know exactly what your dog is consuming. It's an added bonus that they taste amazing- Billie considers them a high value treat and looks forward to her daily dose of Fetch and probiotics!
Dan 🧔🏻‍♂️ & Jake 🐶
Settle has changed my dogs anxiety within days! He longer howls when i leave him home alone.
Georgie 👩🏼 ️️ & Slinky 🐶
Really impressed with the effect that that SETTLE has had on my daschund. He typically would howl when I left him at home for >1 hour. I left him for 3 hours yesterday and no howling!
Calista 👩🏻‍️ & Loki 🐶
I give this to Loki as a daily supplement and it’s really helped him with his hyper-excitability. He seems more relaxed and less jumpy! Definitely would recommend

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