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Australian Made & Owned Premium Supplements 🐶 🐈

Good Health starts in the gut

10/10 Well-formed poops. Get our BELLY and HEAL gut health supplement chews 15% off today, 30 day money-back guarantee.


Certified Delicious Pet & Vet Approved Science-Backed Ingredients Certified Delicious Pet & Vet Approved Science-Backed Ingredients Certified Delicious Pet & Vet Approved Science-Backed Ingredients


For Probiotic Wellness

Developed for canines using strains researched in dogs

Increases gut biodiversity for overall wellbeing

Reduces stress and anxiety, and boosts the immune system


For Restoring Gut Health

Soothes and heals gut irritations and inflammation.

Restores healthy gastrointestinal function.

Supports the digestive system during and post-antibiotics.

Torn between the two? We’ll make it easier..

Why Leadr?

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Functional Treats,No Friction

High-performing, clinically-backed 
ingredients, in a delicious format.

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Science-backed Supplements

Reduce vet visits by using clinically-trialed, preventative supplements.

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Sustainable, Refillable Packaging

Pouches made from sugar-cane, and starter packs in with a refillable treat tin.

At leadr, we are
doing things differently...

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Other Soft Chews

Easy to give
Refillable packaging
Clinically trialled ingredients
Hypoallergenic protein

Not sure which ones to get?

Our product range treats gut, joint, dental, skin, immune, and nervous system health.

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We believe in prevention before intervention.

See What Our Four-Legged Fans Have to Say About Our Supplements!

Mariah 👩🏻 & Jeremy 🐶
We recently started Leadr Pets Fetch supplement, he absolutely loves them. He is an active and large dog as he’s a golden retriever. He needs the joint support. With Leadr Pet Fetch, Jeremy can keep on zooming!
Megan 👩🏼‍🦱️ & Oakley 🐶
I have definitely noticed a huge difference with Oakley’s energy. Oakley is super fussy when it comes to food / supplements and it’s fair to say he LOVES his Fetch treats
Claire 👩🏼️ & Billie 🐶
We love how Leadr Pet treat supplements are transparent with their ingredients so you know exactly what your dog is consuming. It's an added bonus that they taste amazing- Billie considers them a high value treat and looks forward to her daily dose of Fetch and probiotics!
Dan 🧔🏻‍♂️ & Jake 🐶
Settle has changed my dogs anxiety within days! He longer howls when i leave him home alone.
Georgie 👩🏼 ️️ & Slinky 🐶
Really impressed with the effect that that SETTLE has had on my daschund. He typically would howl when I left him at home for >1 hour. I left him for 3 hours yesterday and no howling!
Calista 👩🏻‍️ & Loki 🐶
I give this to Loki as a daily supplement and it’s really helped him with his hyper-excitability. He seems more relaxed and less jumpy! Definitely would recommend

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