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Australian Made & Owned Premium Supplements 🐶 🐈




Why supplements?

Prevention before intervention is a fundamental principle of modern healthcare. We've just applied the same logic to our pets.

Adding natural supplements to your pet's diet is a simple, cost-effective way to help your pet stay healthy before trouble starts. And it can also help prevent vet-pet debt.

Turning vitamins into treats

Certified delicious

Even the fussiest of our furry family love Leadr. You could try them yourself (they're human-grade) but we don't recommend it. They're more to your pet's tastes.


Helping your pet stay healthy should be a moment of connection, not conflict. No more stashing secret pills – just tasty, chewable, functional treats.


We use low-allergen bases with whole-food ingredients, and wherever possible, we substitute ingredients for plant-based alternatives for protein-sensitive pets.

Certified delicious by our furry family


“Montgomery scoffs Settle, Fetch & Heal all in less than a second, then keeps coming back for more!”



"I’d definitely recommend them, I love that they’re natural and include vitamins and supplements she needs, and that it’s formulated by nutritionists. She absolutely loves the taste, she’s completely obsessed whenever I take them out! Rosie absolutely looooved the treats, she was obsessed every time I took them out of the bag. I love how natural they are, considering how many nasties go into so many pet foods. It sounds weird but I could even tell by the smell that they were full of natural ingredients!"



"Slinky seems to be ok with me leaving him home in the morning (instead of bringing him with me or taking him for a walk before I leave the house) and hasn’t left a toilet roll/ done anything spiteful because I have left him alone before I took him for a walk. This is very different behaviour for him since taking Leadr."


"I noticed that after 3 days on the treats that he was a lot calmer and didn’t have his 5pm witching hour! My dog loved the treats (and he is a picky eater!). I definitely noticed he was a lot calmer after a few days on the treats which exceeded my expectations!"


"I love that they are easy to administer, and they contain ingredients such as kangaroo and pumpkin, that i know are healthy for him. I noticed that Romeo's poo's were well formed, his skin was glowing and he had a shiny coat. I also noticed that he seemed overall more relaxed when trying SETTLE, which is important for a new puppy who is discovering the big wide world for the first time!”


We call them “functional treats”

But that just means vitamins your pet 
actually wants to eat. No more hiding 
pills in lumps of cheese. Finally.

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