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Welcome to Leadr social

At the end of the day, we're all just social animals.

Welcome to Leadr Social, our pet-lovers community where we share everything we need to know about our dearly beloved pets (not partners).

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Self-care is hard with paws.

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Are Leadr pet supplements made in Australia?

We are proudly Australian made. Our manufacturing sites are PFIAA (Pet food industry associated) certified.

How do I best feed my pet their Leadr pet supplement?

It’s as easy as opening the packet and feeding them their recommended dose. Be warned: Our Leadr pets recognise our Leadr green pouches, so often get very excited when about to be given their daily dose of wellness. 

What makes Leadr pet supplements so delicious for dogs and cats?

Our pet supplements are formulated with fresh wholefood ingredients that are loved by your cats and dogs, which includes: Kangaroo, Rice, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin.

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