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Are Leadr pet supplements made in Australia?

We are proudly Australian made. Our manufacturing sites are PFIAA (Pet food industry associated) certified.

Are Leadr pet supplements suitable for my puppy/kitten?

We recommend consulting your veterinarian before feeding a puppy or kitten. However probiotics are generally prescribed to puppies and kittens with gut health problems, so we recommend Leadr’s Belly for Canines and Belly for Felines for younger cats or dogs above the age of 12 weeks.

Are Leadr pet supplements suitable for older dogs/cats?

Yes, Leadr pet supplements are suitable for dogs and cats of all ages above the age of 12 weeks.

How do I best feed my pet their Leadr pet supplement?

It’s as easy as opening the packet and feeding them their recommended dose. Be warned: Our Leadr pets recognise our Leadr green pouches, so often get very excited when about to be given their daily dose of wellness. The best part? They’ll never know.

How are Leadr pet supplements formulated?

Our Leadr pet supplements were formulated by our nutritionist and product-developer-founder, who has worked in the vitamin industry for over 10+ years formulating for the biggest human supplement brands in Australia. Our formulations have been co-created with vets to make sure that they are suitable for animals. 

How long will it take to see the results when using Leadr pet supplements?

Results will vary depending on the supplement your pet is taking and the gravity of the health concern your pet is experiencing. When taken according to recommended dosage, some customers report seeing benefits within 48 hours; particularly when using SETTLE, our pet supplement for stress + anxiety. However, generally it can take up to  4-12 weeks to see the full benefits of taking Leadr pet supplements. FETCH, our pet supplement for healthy limber joints as a long-term method to support joint cartilage, muscle function and reduce overall inflammation.

As all  Leadr pet supplements contain kangaroo, pumpkin and kelp; your pet will experience instant benefits to their digestion, and pet parents will be able to notice better, well-formed poops in a matter of days. 

What makes Leadr pet supplements so delicious for dogs and cats?

Our pet supplements are formulated with fresh wholefood ingredients that are loved by your cats and dogs, which includes: Kangaroo Meal, Rice, Sweet Potato, Kangaroo Liver, and Pumpkin.

How do I serve Leadr pet supplements? How often should I give pet supplements to my pet?

Serve Leadr pet supplements just like a regular treat - use it as a snack, or as a reward for your pet; it’s all in your hands! Leadr pet supplements use clinically-trialled doses; so make sure to follow the instructions for daily use. If your pet is a fussy eater, crumble the chew over their meal as a tasty topper. Make sure you’re following the recommended daily dose (stated on the back of the packaging).

Can Leadr pet supplements be combined with veterinary medicine or prescriptions?

Veterinary advice should be sought before using in conjunction with prescription medication.

Do I need to transition my pet onto Leadr pet supplements? Is it like changing their food?

You do not need a transition period; however if your pet has a sensitive stomach, we recommend half dosing for the first week or two and monitoring their symptoms the following day or so.

Can I use Leadr pet supplements as treats or rewards?

Of course! However, we don’t recommend going over the daily recommended dose correct for your pet’s weight. We like to serve our Leadr pet supplements in the morning or before bedtime. 100% of our customers are already loving Leadr pet supplements, and if their pets could talk they would describe them as ‘delicious’, so they make the perfect reward or training treat. 

My pet doesn’t have a specific health concern, which Leadr pet supplement would you recommend to boost their overall wellbeing? 

We would recommend using Belly for Canines and Belly for Felines; which is a probiotic for overall wellness. Probiotics have benefits for the brain, immunity and energy levels. As they say, health starts in the gut. 

What is the best way to store my Leadr pet supplement?

We recommend storing your Leadr pet supplements in our Leadr Treat Tin. Store your Treat Tin in a cool, dry place. If you’re using the pouch, keep it sealed once opened. Remember to recycle your pouch - it’s made from sugarcane, so it’s 100% recyclable.

Is Leadr packaging sustainable?

Our Leadr Pouches are made from sugar-cane and are recyclable. Every Starter Pack includes a Leadr Treat Tin so you and your pet are ready to go. The tin is made from aluminium which is infinitely recyclable. Buy once, keep forever.

Are Leadr pet supplements safe to use if my cat/dog is pregnant?

We recommend consulting your veterinarian if your dog or cat is pregnant.

Help, my pet ate their supplements more than its daily recommended intake! What should I do? 

Firstly, don’t panic! Call our customer service line: 1300 168 340 so we can offer guidance as to next steps. All our products are made with natural ingredients and contain no ingredients which are toxic or harmful to dogs or cats. If in doubt or you begin to notice any dramatic changes in your dog or cat; consult your emergency veterinarian immediately.


How do I contact Leadr Pet?

You can email us at with your query.

How does the subscription work? How often will it deliver the products?

How often you get your products delivered will depend on the weight of your dog. As a starting guide: 

Daily dose: 

0-4kgs = 1/2 chew (Subscribe every 4 months) 

5-14 kg = 1 chew (Subscribe every 2 months)

15-29 kg = 2 chews (Subscribe monthly)

30kg+ = 3 chews (Subscribe every 20 days)

We recommend starting off at these dosages for the initial 30 days. If you aren’t seeing results after 30 days, we recommend doubling the dose. Like humans, all dogs are different, depending on their genetics, gut health (and ability to absorb nutrients). Please reach out to us at if you’d like further advice in relation to dosages from our Product Development team.

How do I manage my subscription?

When placing an order or signing up for our subscription / auto-delivery option, you can check out as a guest or under your customer account. To check out under your name, you’ll need to first create a customer account.

If you haven't previously created a customer account, please do so first.

Once logged in, you will be able to manage, skip, pause and cancel your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In order to cancel your subscription you must first be logged into your account.

When placing an order or signing up for our subscription / auto-delivery option, you can check out as a guest or under your customer account. To check out under your name, you’ll need to first create a customer account.

If you haven't previously created a customer account, please do so first.

Once logged in, you will be able to manage, skip, pause and cancel your subscription.

What are your shipping rates?

We have a $10 flat-rate shipping fee for within Australia. We offer FREE shipping for orders over $100.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, our money-back guarantee extends up to 30 days after receiving our products.

Can I order the supplements without the subscription?

Yes, we offer both subscription and one-off purchases. 

Am I able to order Leadr pet supplements if live overseas?

We are able to ship internationally – please reach out to us at to discuss shipping options based on your location.

How can I get in touch?

Whether it’s questions/concerns, or sharing a cute pic of your pet gobbling up our Leadr pet supplements, we would LOVE to hear from you!

Email us:
Instagram: @leadrpet
TikTok: @leadrpet
Facebook: /leadrpet
Facebook group:

My orders haven't been fulfilled yet! Where's my order?

Due to the Christmas public holidays, all orders placed on the 22nd of December, will be full-filled from the 27th onwards.

For other delays, please contact us at and we'll investigate it for you.

I've entered the wrong personal details! How can I change it?

Please contact us ASAP via our website chatbox and/or email - this way we can modify your address before shipping it out. If you've placed the wrong address or personal details in and your order was already shipped, you will need to pay for the shipping charges to re-ship your order.

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