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Real research tailored to the life of our pets.

We did our homework 
before the dog ate it.

After a decade in the vitamin industry, we know a thing or two about research. Something we noticed? Human supplements use standardised, clinically-trialled ingredients, but pets supplements use generic. We didn't think it was fair, so we fixed it.

Leading with purpose

We only use top-quality ingredients that have been rigorously vetted by product formulators, vets, nutritionists and science lovers.

KSM-66 Ashwaghanda 
root extract

In a 4 week, double-blind randomised controlled study, of 24 dogs experiencing stress and anxiety, KSM-66 was shown to relieve fear, anxiety and hyper-excitability.

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Relora Magnolia bark extract

Dogs given Harmonease showed significantly* reduced fear related behaviors in a thunderstorm compared to their baseline fears measured before treatment.

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CurCuvet Curcumin

Dogs with arthritis given Curcumin for 20 days showed less inflammatory gene expression than those given the same duration of NSAIDs.

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Carniking L-carnitine

CarniKing L-carnitine promotes healthy BMI and muscle function in canines. Dogs taking Carniking® gained significantly* more lean muscle mass after a 14 week exercise program, compared to the control group.

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Chondroiton Sulfate Bovine

Chondroitin sulfate inhibits destructive enzymes in joint fluid and cartilage.

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Sacchormices Boullardi

Within 10 days of taking SB, canines with diarrhoea were shown to have improvement in stool frequency, stool consistency and body condition versus the placebo.

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