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Why are you so obsessed with me? Settling dogs with separation anxiety.

During COVID, our desire for physical touch resulted in a boom in pet ownership. In Australia, more than two million households adopted a cat or dog into the family. In the US, that number was 23 million. That’s a lot of needy COVID babies. 

As the world reopened and we emerged from our homes a little more partial to air kisses and a little less keen to blow out birthday candles, millions among us struggled to adjust to the change. 

TL;DR: Our pandemic pups and clingy kittens do not want us to return to work.

Signs of separation anxiety

Cries when you leave the house? Causes chaos you have to clean up when you get home? As long as it’s your pet and not your partner, help is at hand.

Other signs of separation anxiety to watch out for are:

• Urinating or defecating inside

• Barking or howling when left alone 

• Chewing, digging or general destruction

• Excessive grooming, most common in female cats

• Daring escape attempts (we’re looking at you Homeward Bound)

• Drooling, panting or pacing when you’re preparing to leave

• Hyper-attachment or seeking constant contact when you’re together

How supplements can help

Anti-anxiety supplements, like Settle, can help your dog feel calm in stressful situations. It’s a simple, natural way to soothe your pet when you’re away from home. Think of it like chewable therapy.

Ingredients like L-tryptophan help to regulate the production of serotonin, with studies showing it can reduce stress-related behaviours like barking, marking and aggression. Or Ashwaganda, which can alleviate nervous tensions and mild anxiety in dogs and puppies.

Is it really that simple?

Supplements are an easy, effective tool to ease separation anxiety in pets. But complex behavioural issues will need more than a chewable fix.

If your pet gets lonely when you’re away, you can leave them toys to play with, music to listen to, or cartoons to watch. Studies have shown dogs love classical music, but if your pet has more modern sensibilities, you can subscribe to our pet-friendly Spotify playlists.

If the problem becomes too big to fix alone, you can connect with vets, trainers, nutritionists and other pet parents in our Leadr Inner Pack Facebook Group.

By Asha Dillon

Leadr Founder

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